Cronos Project. Bioanthropology of guanche mummies

Tenerife, 1992

Cronos Project. Bioanthropology of Guanche Mummies began on 1989 when, in one of his first visits to Tenerife, Arthur C. Aufderheide, Professor of Pathology in the University of Minnesota-Duluth Campus, proposed to the Archaeological Museum, then directed by Rafael González-Antón, a research project on Guanche mummies. This coincided with the creation of the Autonomous Organism of Museums and Centers of the Government of Tenerife (Cabildo) and made possible that the island’s authorities were interested in the idea resulting in the I World Congress on Mummy Studies, the exhibition Mummies. Secrets of the Past, a research program on the Guanches and the creation of the Instituto Canario de Bioantropología. The Congress was held on February 1992 in Puerto de la Cruz with more than 300 attendants from around the world. The exhibition was located in Santa Cruz de Tenerife with a big attendance (more than 50.000 visitors in a month and a half) and showed mummies, human remains and archaeological material of the Guanches as well as other cultures from Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Egypt and the USA.